Allow me to reintroduce myself (again)

As my career as an elementary teacher progresses, the purpose of my website has shifted as well. I began the blog to document a project during teachers’ college. As I was finishing my studies, I wanted an eportfolio that I could use as an interactive résumé for employers. Now that I’ve found employment as a French Immersion teacher, I’d like to have a platform to share information about teaching resources and practices.

September can’t seem to come soon enough and I began planning my year weeks ago. Finding good classroom materials, workshops, and research is very important in this process. More importantly, learning to adapt these resources is a difficult but essential process in ensuring that these great ideas actually work in my specific classroom. Going forward, this blog will serve to evaluate and discuss both resources and their adaptations.

In terms of recent professional development (PD), I’m newly returned home from a two-week program at the University of Ottawa for French as a Second Language (FSL) teachers. I learned about this program through an email newsletter from CASLT. I also received a government bursary covering tuition and travel. There were numerous workshops and lectures (all offered in French) for K-12 teachers. As always, some speakers were stronger and some workshops were more practical than others, but it was a great opportunity for FSL teachers to attend great PD in French and discuss these ideas in French. Anecdotally, everyone (with the exception of one person who was a native French speaker) seemed to improve their fluency and comfort with talking about teaching in French. For me, it was a good way to achieve the goal of continuing to work on my French skills while improving my pedagogical toolbox at the same time. In addition, living in Ottawa in the summer was also a treat. I’ll write a bit more about how the program went in my next post.