After completing my undergraduate studies in Ontario and travelling abroad, I took what I thought was going to be a summer job at an Apple Store in Vancouver. Over the next two years, I had many responsibilities, but none that I enjoyed as much as delivering workshops, supporting One-on-One training sessions, and helping to run the field trip and summer camp programs. Finally, I discovered what my family of teachers had maintained all along – I loved teaching. Next, I completed a Bachelor of Education in French Language and Global Studies at the University of British Columbia and returned to Ontario to look for work.

Most of my first year was spent as an occasional teacher working with K-8 students in French and English in Toronto. It was a helpful learning experience to work in a variety of different schools, grades, and programs early on in my career. The next two years, I taught French immersion in primary and junior grades. This year, I will be moving back west where, I will be teaching French immersion in North Vancouver.